You are welcome to arrange a meeting with your carer before job commences. This can be done through the Kin App by SMS, in app messaging or calling direct.
The clock stops once you return home and the carer leaves. You have a 15 minute grace period, following which you will be charged in 30 minute increments. Payment is automatically made through your credit card and you will be sent an SMS notification.
If a carer cancels a job the parent is refunded 100%.
If a parent cancels a job more than 24 hours before the scheduled start time of the job, 100% of the fees will be refunded to the parent. If the cancellation is within 24 hours of the scheduled start time, 50% of the fees will be refunded to the parent.
The WWC Check is a compulsory screening strategy in Western Australia for people who engage in certain paid or unpaid work with children, described as “child-related work” under the Working with Children (Criminal Record Checking) Act 2004. The WWC Check includes a National Police History Check, but is different from a National Police Certificate because it involves the ongoing collection and assessment of information that is relevant to whether a child may be exposed to a risk of harm should a person engage in child-related work. The WWC Check aims to protect children by:
  • deterring people from applying to work with children where they have a relevant charge or conviction on their criminal record that indicates they may harm a child;
  • detecting new charges and convictions of those people who hold a current WWC Card and preventing them from continuing to engage in child-related work where their criminal record and behaviour indicates they may harm a child; and
  • protecting children by creating awareness that safeguarding children is a whole of community responsibility.
Kin uses the 3rd Party Secure Server, Stripe, for all transactions. Kin does not hold your credit card details.
No. The Kin App is free to download, no membership fees and no subscription fees.
Kin currently works whereby you can submit one booking at a time for a specific date and time. For repeat bookings simply make multiple separate bookings. The Kin technical team are currently working on adding a feature for repeat bookings.
In the unlikely scenario one of our Kin carers is not available for your booking please resubmit the job to multiple carers, we recommend at least 5-10 carers.
If an urgent booking is required we recommend selecting all carers, this will ensure your booking is accepted in a timely manner.
We take data storage very seriously at Kin, all data is stored within an encrypted storage server.
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